Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Art & imagesbykim: A return from a very long MIA

Art & imagesbykim: A return from a very long MIA: Hi Everyone, I am back into blogging again, I hope with lots of interesting projects and ideas. So much has changed over the last few ye...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

~Di-solvable ART~ by Josie~ Challenge and Call for ARtistS

Josie says:
Okay, This is what I did. I found some stamps that had good detail. I then mixed white craft glue and water. The ratio is about 2/3 water to 1/3 glue. Stir this well. Lay a piece of toilet paper.(yes I said toilet paper) over the stamp. I used 2 ply for those inquisitive minds that need to know. I took a soft brush, dipped into the solution and gently brushed over the stamp. You will see the design show up. I let this dry for about 15 to 20 minutes and applied another layer. I did up to 3 to 4 layers. With each layer you will see less of the detail, but do not despair. I then let it dry over night. Gently peel the paper from the stamp. I then roughly cut around the image. I will cut closer to the image when I have the item finished. These will look like white fossils, something like I do.

Lets get to it!!!!!

All 3 pieces made by Josie Hancock
Hand made card

Painted embellishments

White fossil embellishments

Challenge #5~GYAO~Button CREationS!

This project has to include buttons as the primary medium.

Some ideas:



stitched piece

Jean E Roman (2 Pillows)

Cynthia Stevens Art Card

Barbara Bennett

Jacqui Jackson

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Altered Matchboxes By Jean E Roman and Teresa (Tee) Hall

This challenge/swap is an idea from one of our active members Tee.
She has the most amazing swap blog and has some great ideas for projects.
Check it out here and here.

This month we will be swapping altered matchboxes. Large size.

1. alter a matchbox

2. fill it with little goodies

3. Send it off to your partner

Jean E Roman

Cynthia Stevens

Shannon aka Tin Roof Studio

Josie Hancock

Beaded Stick Pins and holders Challenge and Swap by Jean E Roman

Stick pins or hat pins are very popular among scrappers and mixed media artists alike. Tee and I have made a few and they are truly addictive!

Here are a few I have made. You can get your head pins in the floral or wedding section at Wmart or other craft stores. Any type of beads you would like to use. Dab a bit of clear glue on the sick part of the pin and slide up the beads as you go. I let mine dry on a pin cushion or upside down in a little tea cup.
Jean E Roman

Jean E Roman

Teresa (Tee) Hall

Josie Hancock

Lydia Hildebrandt

Cynthia Stevens

Mara Koonsman

Cheryl Richards

Triptych by Jean E Roman


The triptych has been a integral part of art for centuries. Triptychs are 3 panel artistic designs that are hinged together and able to be folded. Typically the middle panel is the largest with two side panels of smaller size.

For this example I cut the triptych as one solid piece. I then scored the chipboard where each panel should hinge. I did the same for the background paper.

Jean E Roman

Teresa (Tee) Hall

Cynthia Stevens

Brigitte Vosgien

Monday, August 8, 2011

First Challenge~~ Burlap~~deadline Sept 15th

Burlap! Yep, that good ole feed sack burlap. It comes in different densities so use whatever you feel is best for your project. If you can not find yardage look for a burlap sack or draw string bag.

This is your challenge: To come up with a burlap flower or embellishment you can use in your art.
If you would like to learn how Jean and the other group members created their flowers, come join PDA and then join the Get Your Art On Group!

Jean E Roman Flowers set 1

Jean E Roman Flowers Set 2

Jean E Roman Tags made with burlap flowers

Robin Woodward aka Robin's Nest
Fabric Hand Bag with burlap/lace die cut flower